About counselling 


Difficult feelings are often due to a specific life event such as; a bereavement, divorce or redundancy. Or you may be experiencing a more general sense of hopelessness, depression or anxiety, but have no obvious reason for these feelings.


Friends and family can be supportive, but sometimes talking to loved ones is not appropriate or helpful. It can feel as though nobody truly understands what you are going through, and you end up feeling so lost and isolated that figuring out a way forward is impossible.


This is when counselling can help. Counselling is a talking therapy, which means that we agree to meet on a regular basis, usually weekly, and together we work through what is making life difficult for you. The aim of the therapy is to help you understand yourself more and to identify what behaviour you might want to change in order to help you move forwards in life.


We go at your pace, I won't give you advice or tell you what to do, it's a collaborative process. You remain in control of what information you choose to share in therapy and what choices you make in your life.


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